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Wavesurfer, surf our mobile waves

{ 14 October, 2014 }


The Wavesurfer was developed by AFP Technology (Aqua Fun Projects), a young and dynamic company run by craftsmen who love watersports.

Our original and innovative surfgenerator or surfsimulator is a unique water attraction that all people can enjoy!

Each Wavesurfer is developed and assembled at our factory by our own professionals. This way, we don’t have to involve third parties. And more importantly, you are sure to receive a product of European top quality!

A few of our products are : 

  • Wavesurfer mobile
  • Wavesurfer semi-mobile
  • Wavesurfer extreme
  • Wavesurfer triple
  • Wavesurfer Skyjump

Take a look at our entire product catalogue. 

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